Currency - Azerbaijani Manat

Azərbaycan, officially called the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is next to Russia in the north, Georgia and Armenia in the west, Iran in the south, and Caspian Sea on the east. Its capital city is Baku. Most of Azerbaijan's land is in Eurasia. Azerbaijan was an independent nation from 1918 to 1920 but was then incorporated into the Soviet Union. It became a constituent (union) republic in 1936. Azerbaijan declared sovereignty on September 23, 1989 and independence on August 30, 1991.


Azerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, straddling Western Asia and Eastern Europe.


4°C to 30°C

Famous For

Azerbaijan's most famous sites is Yanar Dağ (or “Burning Mountain“), a natural glowing fire burning on a hillside along the Caspian Sea. True to its name, the mountain has been blazing for at least 65 years!


 Heydar Aliyev International Airport (GYD).